Newborn Portrait Session – “FYI”


  • Most importantly – the BEST time to photograph a newborn baby is within the FIRST TEN days of his or her life.  After this time period, it becomes increasingly difficult to get the baby to stay in little “curled up” positions.  Also, after about two weeks, some babies develop baby acne and/or begin a grumpy phase. 


  • Our goal is to make your baby sleepy during their session!  Many of the shots that we will attempt will have your baby curled up with or on a variety of props.  If your baby is awake and alert, I will try to take some photos that way.  However, most newborns lack the ability to maintain any sort of eye contact that would look natural, as they are still developing focus skills.  We photographers try to capture this cuddly/sleepy stage before babies move onto being more active and bubbly.


  • As outlined in your session inclusions, I set aside a THREE-HOUR time slot for newborns.  I try not to keep everyone holed up for that long, but sometimes we have to take breaks for feeding or calming the baby.  Please expect your newborn session to last at least 2 hours, but possibly 3, and please be sure to let EVERYONE that is coming with you know this so they don’t wonder why I’m holding them hostage. 


  • One way to make everyone comfortable no matter how long the session takes is to take advantage of my studio-to-you offer and we can do your session right in your home.  I don’t need a ton of space to work with and will bring everything I need, including a variety of props.


  • I encourage parents to bring props to their Newborn Session. Ideas include:


          Inherited items, such as grandma’s teddy bear or dad’s rattle

          Sentimental items, such as a blanket knitted by great-grandma, outfit worn by mom/dad as infant, wedding rings, photo of a loved one

          Nursery décor item, such as a toy, basket, etc

          Item that represents mom or dad, such as dad’s firefighting helmet or mom’s Army fatigues, favorite sports team memorabilia, etc.

          An item with the baby’s name on it

          A photo/belonging of a family who passed away before they were able to meet your baby


  • Older children are invited to attend whether they will be included in portraits or not, but please only do so if another adult will be with you will remain close to your baby during the session to ensure his or her safety.  Please let me know in advance if you intend to bring the baby’s siblings so that I may set out a few things for them to play with while we proceed with the session.  If you would like to have your children included in a few shots, please note that there is an additional $25 charge per child; $50/child if you would like me to capture a few shots of them alone as well. 


  • Be sure you, your partner, and children are well rested and fed before your session.  If anyone is tired or hungry during your session, you can expect to be miserable, and we don’t want that!   Bring along snacks for the kids, if you’d like, and be sure to NOT schedule your session during their nap time or other time they may be feeling cranky.  We don’t want to have to rush because big brother/sister is ready to go home.


  • Regarding wardrobe, I know you must have a closet full of cute little outfits you’ve been dying to try on your little one!  However, the average-sized newborn (6-8 lbs) usually “swims” in those outfits.  I’d like to try to really capture his or her “smallness”, and if your baby is floating around inside clothing, that will be hard to do.  I recommend either sticking solely with diapers or bare-bottom, or perhaps just a simple onesie.  I have plenty of diaper covers, wraps, tiny tutus, and neck ties that we can fancy your little one up with as well.  For everyone else in the family, stick with simple, comfortable clothing such as a plain, long-sleeved shirt and pants or jeans. 

IMPORTANT: The Day of Your Session

  • If I am coming to YOUR home, turn your heater up a few notches.  We want the room that will be used as the studio to be warm and toasty.  Babies are used to being warm and cozy, and we want them to stay this way, despite possibly wearing little to no clothing.  I will bring heaters and heating pads to help with this.
  • If I am coming to YOUR home, I will arrive at your scheduled session time (or a few minutes before), but the first 15-20 minutes will be spent finding a location to set up in, setting up the backdrop, and getting the heaters going.  So…if you would like to wait until this time to feed your baby, that would be fine.  If I finish before he/she does, I will wait patiently. 
  • If you are coming to my studio, please feed your baby just before leaving the house so that he/she has a full belly. 
  • If possible, have your baby wear ONLY a diaper, and secure it loosely.  Not loosely as in “We could potentially have a mess on our hands,” but loosely so that it does not leave red marks on baby’s skin.  Once you do this, swaddle your baby in a soft, warm blanket until we’re ready to begin.  If you are traveling to my studio and it is cold outside, just put  loosely-fitting, button- or zip-down pajamas on your little one over the loose diaper.
  • If you are traveling to my studio, please be sure to bring….
    •  Extra diapers
    • A pacifier if you use one
    • An extra blanket
    • Enough for one more feeding, even if you don’t think you’ll need it.
    • An extra shirt for both Mom and Dad, in case of baby “spills”.
    • Snacks and toys for older children
    • Book, magazine, or electronic tablet to occupy other adults (i.e. Dad!)