• Newborn Session Questionnaire

  • Newborn sessions MUST be done within the first 14 days of a baby's life and typically take between 2 - 3 hours. This 'early session' rule assures a more restful baby that will easily and comfortably remain in various poses. The absolute BEST stage for newborn photography is within the first 3 - 7 days of baby's life.

    I realize it is a lot to ask of a new parent to making an outing this early on, which is why I also offer a "Studio to You" option for newborn sessions. "Studio to You" means exactly that: I bring everything we need for a successful newborn session straight to your house!

    If you are interested in "Studio to You", I may pop by before your baby's birth to review the location and lighting and let you know where I'll be shooting. A large amount of space is not required.

  • Due to their small size, babies look best stripped of all or almost all of their clothing, so that the focus is on the tiny details of their body.

    I do not recommend bringing wardrobe for your baby, unless there are very sentimental reasons for wanting your baby to wear a particular outfit. Most times, clothing for a newborn does not fit well enough and scrunches up unflatteringly around the baby.

    I typically will have babies wear one of the diaper covers and/or wraps that I provide. However, in some situations, I may request to have baby stripped down to his or her bare bottom.

    Bare bottom imagery is done in the most tasteful manner possible, with genitalia never being exposed or photographed in any way.

    Please idicate below, your preference for baby's wardrobe.

  • Parental wardrobe:

    Monson Photography recommends very simple, patternless clothing for Mom and Dad. Jeans are fine; no need to get too dressy, unless that's your usual style. A plain, long-sleeved shirt or a camisole work best for Mom and a complimentary-colored, logo-free, long-sleeved shirt for Dad. No need to wear the exact same color as each other, as complimentary colors add more interest to your images.

    I also recommend bringing a "spare" shirt in case of accidents, as well as a very lightweight shirt for in-between shots, as the studio will be kept quite warm during your session.

  • I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. It is my desire to see ALL of my clients 100% satisfied, and knowing your tastes and interests will help with this tremendously.

    I am very much looking forward to our session!

    Best Wishes!


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