Engagement Portrait Session – “FYI”


Regarding wardrobe….

Ø Layers are recommended, because it’s a matter of removing a layer for a new look instead of doing an entire change.

Ø If you are bringing a second outfit, be sure it is something you can easily change into without needing a private changing area (i.e. slip pants on under a skirt).

Ø Choose a wardrobe that is comfortable! If wearing a skirt, practice sitting down on the floor and getting up while looking in the mirror to ensure everything that should be covered, is.

Ø Make sure the wardrobe is clean and not extremely wrinkly, but don’t go overboard worrying if they get a little spot on it. Just make sure I know before the session’s done and I can remove it.

Ø Don’t forget about footwear. Feet will most likely be shown in photos. Be sure to plan accordingly. (One exception is the beach, where you will be barefoot.)

Ø Dress according to location. If your session will be at a grassy outdoor location, khaki pants and a white dress shirt may not be the best choice. If your session is at the beach, you will most likely not be wearing shoes.

Ø Coordinate outfits, but don’t go overboard with being “matchy”. For example, the groom-to-be’s shirt could match jewelry or a scarf being worn by his future bride.

Ø Color scheme suggestions: white/plum/grey, black/grey/yellow, red/white/blue, brown/beige/bright color, black/white/red, navy/baby blue/coral, navy/beige, several bright & cheerful colors, grey/red, Earthy tones such as brown/yellow /orange/red/green/plum, grey/black/pink, olive/white/brown

Ø Accessorize and layer for texture and interest! Items that can be removed or added will give a different look to images.

Ø Consider the look you’re going for (casual/formal), as well as location. I recommend more formal looks for the studio; more laid-back for the beach or other outdoor setting.


 Before and the day of your session...


Ø Do lots of cuddling! It will help to keep your session ‘natural’ and you will be used to natural hand, etc. placement for poses.

Ø Be prepared to be at your session for around an hour/hour and a half. Be sure you are both fed and well rested, and arrive on time and dressed for your session.

Ø I LOVE it when my clients bring props to make their session more personal. If you plan to bring something along, please let me know so I can come up with ideas to include it in your session.

Ø If you intend to have a pet in your photos, please be sure I know ahead of time, especially so that we can schedule your session at a pet-friendly location. Please bring a friend or family member along who can assist with your pet during the session.