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Brady's Dr. Seuss Cake Smash

April 28, 2014  •  1 Comment

When Brady's mom told me that his birthday theme was to be Dr. Seuss, I was ecstatic.  I love, love, love doing themed shoots and am a HUGE Seuss fan.  I knew this was a unique opportunity to have a little fun with the set.  Initially I'd ordered a red and white striped fabric backdrop and planned on altering a big letter "B" to match his theme.  But as I was busy giving the letter a "Thing 1" treatment, my daughter Liz asked me, "Are you going to make a kite, too?"

I stopped in my tracks and thought about the kite that, in the Cat in the Hat book, Thing 1 and Thing 2 had caused so much chaos with at the children's house and decided I had to make this happen. 

I had some burlap leftover from various projects, so I doubled it up and drew on my kite shape.  I painted it, let it dry, and cut it out, then attached the rick rack and ribbon.  Paired with the blue backdrop I found online, I think it came together nicely!

Now all I needed was one EXTREMELY adorable little guy with a healthy appetite for sugary confections.  Enter Brady!



This little guy, who could not possibly be any cuter in the matching Cat in the Hat ensemble provided by Mom (Shout Out to Leta - she always does a fantastic job on her family portrait wardrobes!), did such a nice job with his smash.  He took some mercy on Miss Beth by slowly enjoying each morsel of his cake so that I could nab a ton of really cute shots.  Sometimes little guys 'n gals want to take just a bite or two and then they're finished, but Brady was not leaving until he was full and messy - just as it should be!

Here's a few more from Brady's Dr. Seuss cake smash:


Bowman_ (81)Bowman_ (81)

Bowman_ (82)Bowman_ (82)


Many thanks to Leta (Brady's Mama) for the opportunity to have such a fun time with her little guy!  And a little shout-out to the following vendors/folks as well:

Cake, Best Choice Market of Ludington

Paper Straws, Little Free Radical on Etsy

Mini Cake Bunting, downloaded from the Jenny Allsorts Blog (then customized with stamps)


As you can see, I really got into planning this shoot.  Do you have a little one turning one?  Let's start planning his or her cake smash session today!  If I know far enough in advance what your theme will be, I can start my creative juices flowing and coordinate if you'd like.  Give me a call!  231-843-0134

Best Wishes,




Awww. Thank you Beth... I had a blast too... Loved the amount of time you took to make the setting so comfortable and unqiue for Brady's birthday theme... Everything turned out perfect and now the hard part is picking the photos....Thanks again! Leta
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